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Aguas Frescas & Paletas

Aguas Frescas & Paletas

Refreshing Mexican Drinks and Frozen Treats, Traditional and Reimagined

by Ericka Sanchez

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It wouldn’t be summer in Mexico without aguas frescas and paletas—fresh-made Mexican drinks and popsicles in a variety of fruity and flowery flavors. Now you can bring the refreshing, authentic tastes of Mexico to your own backyard!

Ericka Sanchez of the popular culinary website Nibbles & Feasts delivers 40 easy recipes for anyone who loves traditional Mexican fare. Ranging from familiar flavors like horchata and lime to more unique combinations like Hibiscus & Spiced Orange, Mint Blackberry, and Avocado Coconut, the recipes in Aguas Frescas & Paletas uses less sugar than traditional Mexican treats and simple ingredients that can all be found at your local supermarket. All drinks are alcohol-free and perfect to share with your family! !Buen provecho!


ISBN-13: 9781641704595
Publisher: Familius
Publication DateApril 13, 2021
Pages: 128
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