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No Reservations ARC

No Reservations ARC

by Sheryl Lister

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Four friends, three struggling relationships, and one final wish: find your happiness. Both heartwarming and heart-wrenching, Sheryl Lister invites readers to take a trip of a lifetime with her new women’s fiction novel that reminds us all to live without regrets.

Joy, Diane, Rochelle, and Yvette have been friends their entire lives. But adulthood isn’t all they imagined it would be. Joy has been dreaming of opening a spa and retreat for years, but she put it on hold for her husband's dream. Now she's tired of waiting, whether her husband agrees or not. Diane hasn't let go of her dream of being a mother through years of infertility struggles, but her husband doesn’t seem to have the same issues. Rochelle has struggled with self-esteem after an abusive marriage left her a single mother, and her friends' struggling marriages don't exactly encourage her to try again. Then a new man walks into her life and threatens to overturn everything she's thought about herself and her convictions.

And Yvette, well, Yvette has terminal cancer.

Yvette passes away with one final wish: for the other three to take the girls' trip to Jamaica they had been putting off for years. She even left them the tickets. But, as marriages crumble, businesses are upended, and love blooms, the trip can't seem to come soon enough. Joy, Diane, and Rochelle must lean on each other more than ever and try to live by what Yvette left them: a chance to live without reservation.

  • Poignant contemporary women’s fiction
  • Stand-alone novel with a mix of heart and heartbreak
  • Includes discussion questions for book clubs
ISBN-13: 9781400245796
Publisher: Harper Muse
Publication Date: January 9, 2024
Pages: 336
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