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When Work is 24-7 and You're Not

by Theresa M. Robinson

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Achieve work-life balance with this shake-you-up, get-you-grounded, ignite-your-fighting-spirit guide to overcoming O-Syndrome

If you're overworked, overstressed, overburdened, overloaded, overcommitted, over-obligated, overtired, overwhelmed, overextended, overscheduled, and just plain over it, you are very likely suffering from O-Syndrome-today's 24/7 workplace equivalent of the elephant in the room.

You are not alone...

What do you really need and want for a satisfying and fulfilling life? By asking this and other tough but necessary questions, coach and facilitator Theresa M. Robinson highlights the need to re-establish clear values and priorities and to set boundaries in our work lives.Using powerful and honest illustrations and examples from her own life and the lives of working professionals from a myriad of backgrounds, Theresa leads us to examine the impact of O-Syndrome on our spirits, our health, and our families, and then walks us through designing our own personalized values-based strategies that unlock a more abundant life waiting for us.O-Syndrome: The Modern-day Phenomenon. Do any of us even remember when our lives became so busy that we had to strategize what to cut in order to fit in all the to-do's? Sleep is not the only area to be trimmed for the sake of work. Because work comes with its own set of deliverables and accountability methods, it systematically began to devour much of our time. We started developing the modern-day phenomenon, O-Syndrome: over-worked, overstressed, overburdened, overloaded, overcommitted, overobligated, overtired, overwhelmed, overextended, overscheduled, and just plain over it!

O-Syndrome Checklist (Partial)

Which aspects of O-Syndrome have you experienced within the past six months?

    • Overworked--juggling multiple balls in the air for ten hours or more daily
    • Overstressed--feeling that one or more balls is in danger of falling and doing everything possible to prevent it while still maintaining all other balls in the air
    • Overburdened--still keeping multiple balls in the air even though they have increased in size and weight
    • Overloaded--taking on one or more additional balls while still keeping all balls in the air
    • Overcommitted--helping others keep their multiple balls in the air while maintaining your own multiple balls in the air
    • Overobligated--being available no matter the time or day to help others keep their multiple balls in the air while maintaining your own multiple balls in the air
    • Overtired--caring for your multiple balls has left you with little to no time to care for yourself and little leftover energy to engage with loved ones and friends
    • ........
    • Over it!--with fatalistic resignation, you go through the motions of keeping your multiple balls in the air.

Warning. The journey on which this book takes you will not be easy. It requires a tremendous amount of courage. What the world values and defines as success can exert great pressure on your life. But you know this already. This book invites you, challenges you, and even dares you to determine success for your life. To define and articulate what you really want for your life and how to have it on your own terms. The stakes are high. If you define it wrong, you'll get it wrong. This is worth repeating. If you define it wrong, you'll get it wrong. Are you ready? Let's get started. Take a deep cleansing breath. Let's put you on the path to getting your life back!


ISBN-13: 9780998842004
Publisher: Master Trainer Tmr & Associates, LLC 
Publication Date: June 07, 2017
Pages: 176

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