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The Power of Women

The Power of Women

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Why is gender equality essential?

June Sarpong proves why eradicating sexism is key to our personal development, and social and economic progress. With new chapters on reclaiming power over women’s bodies and their safety, this updated edition is a comprehensive guide to promoting inclusivity.

Because the truth is, equality benefits us all.

Praise for June Sarpong’s Diversify:

‘June Sarpong examines the research behind diversity and discrimination while grounding them in personal narratives, highlighting our common humanity.’ Kofi Annan, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

‘I am so glad June Sarpong is working on this matter of diversity.’ Desmond Tutu

“A passionately written polemic” You Magazine

‘An engaging read with lots of important and good ideas’ Stylist

‘May prove to be our handbook to negotiate these troubled times’ Psychologies


ISBN-13: 9780008460037
Publisher: HQ
Publication Date: May 3, 2022
Pages: 176
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