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Veiled (Concealed in Myths Trilogy #1)

Veiled (Concealed in Myths Trilogy #1)

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★When the Light and the Dark Collide...

Who will Maintain the Balance within the Veil★

For hundreds of years, magic users have grown up with the misconception that their magic has no true origin; that they were simply gifted more than mere-mortals. 

This control of the narrative has suited the Fae, for their existence has been hidden; their kingdoms beyond the Veil secure. There has been a tenuous balance within the realms and for thousands of years the Fae have been secure in their traditions...their rule. 

That is, until the uprising of a dark queen; because as with all things bound by nature, with unbalance comes destruction. 

Until the prophecy of change was whispered throughout the realms there was an ever present sense of desolation. 

Now? There is hope.

Hudson Jacobs has no idea of the changes that are about to take her life by storm. No idea of the plans put into motion by those who know of her existence and wish to not only protect her, but solidify the prophecy by any means necessary. 

The only question is, will her destiny ultimately protect her or destroy her and those she holds dear to her heart. 

When the stakes are darkness or light, life or death, will Hudson embrace her new life or will the tenuous Veil between the mortal and Fae Realm, destroy her before she gets that chance? 


★Would you be willing to bleed for a Realm you never knew existed?★

For a place, full of a otherworldly creatures, you are now the Queen of?

How far are you willing to go to fulfill a prophecy, a future, thrust upon you at just 21 years old?

In the midst of brutal attacks, Hudson is about to find out just how far she willing to go to protect the ones she loves.  

Her enemies? Will soon learn just how much power she truly has...

Welcome to the Realm of Smoke and Shadows; this is only the beginning. 

This is a Reverse Harem, Epic Fantasy Romance Novel. 

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ISBN-13: 9798555564900
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 3, 2021
Pages: 540
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