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Black Imagination

Black Imagination

Black Voices on Black Futures

Edited by Natasha Marin, Foreword by Steven Dunn

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A finalist for the 2021 Washington State Book Award and 2020 Big Other Book Award for Nonfiction.

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“Don’t think for one minute that Black Imagination is easy. As you will read here, it is hard-earned and sometimes dangerous, but it’s necessary, and radical, to claim and work towards. Listening to my people in this book gave me so much life, and I’m pretty sure, dear reader, you’re in for the same.” —from the Foreword by Steven Dunn

What is your origin story?
How do you heal yourself?
Imagine a world where you are loved, safe, and valued.

“Witnessing is sacred work too. Seeing ourselves as whole and healthy is an act of pure rebellion in a world so titillated by our constant subjugation,” reflects viral curator Natasha Marin on Black Imagination. This dynamic collection of Black voices works like an incantation of origin, healing, and imagination. Born from a series of conceptual art exhibitions, the perspectives gathered here are nowhere near monochromatic. “Craving nuance over stereotype, we sought out black children, black youth, LGBTQ+ black folks, unsheltered black folks, incarcerated black folks, neurodivergent black folks, as well as differently-abled black folks.” Each insists on their own variance and challenges readers to witness for themselves that Black Lives (and Imaginations) Matter.


ISBN-13: 9781944211844
Publisher: McSweeney's
Publication Date: February 4, 2020
Pages: 216

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