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Entrepreneurial Suicide

Entrepreneurial Suicide

How to stop business owners from killing their own success

by Khalil Abdul-Karim

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Why are you not growing your business? Why are you generating the same amount of money each year? The answer is usually right in the mirror. This book challenges entrepreneurs and business owners to look within themselves and seek out what is preventing them from achieving continued success. 

The premise of this book is that the reader has already experienced some level of success as a business owner. Your business is profitable. You have a nice house. A couple of cars. And your family and friends respect you as a self-made, successful business owner. Let's say your business generates $5 million a year in revenue and you've been generating this amount for the past three years. Let's compare that to Corporate America and up the stakes so that the point hits home. If a CEO for a Fortune 500 company generated revenues of $50 million for three consecutive years, he or she would be fired. Reason being, zero profit. Therefore, the shareholders would be both disappointed and concerned. They would cite the CEO as being a poor manager and leader, resulting in dismissal.

As a small-business owner, you don't have that much pressure. However, Entrepreneurial Suicide: The Birth, Life, and Death of a Business Owner helps to identify common traits within us that hold us back. Whether it be ego, emotion, poor communication skills, lack of drive, or poor decision-making skills, this book will help its reader uncover what the root problem is and how to overcome it.

As the author, I have written this book based on over two decades of working with entrepreneurs and business owners, both as an entrepreneur and as a corporate professional. I have never understood how talented, well-educated, and self-educated people hold their own selves back. It's the most bizarre thing to watch. It is also what motivated me to write this book. To help kick start the process of looking in the mirror and breaking out of the self-destructive behaviors that are preventing you from reaching bigger and more rewarding goals.


ISBN-13: 9781645841234
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: November 30, 2020
Pages: 270
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