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Guarding Temptation

Guarding Temptation

by Talia Hibbert

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Two former friends. One cramped apartment. Three little rules. 

Nina Chapman's most embarrassing moment? Finally dragging James Foster into bed. The stern, steady mechanic made her see stars... then called her a mistake and disappeared, leaving the tatters of their friendship in his wake.

But when Nina's work as an investigative journalist brings death threats to her door, James marches back into her life, armed with irrational demands. He doesn't care how long it's been, or how distant they've become.

She must move into his flat.

She must sleep in his bed.

And she cannot leave his side-not for a second.

What could possibly go wrong?


ISBN-13: 9781913651121
Publisher: Nixon House
Publication Date: June 21, 2023
Pages: 126
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