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Just Playing House

Just Playing House

by Farah Heron

Fiction, Romance, and Contemporary Romance

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A rising movie star reunites with his high school prom date, now a personal stylist, in this delightful rom-com for fans of forced proximity, second chances, and celebrity romance.

As a luxury fashion sales associate, Marley Kamal’s livelihood depends on being cool, aspirational, and just the right amount of detached. None of her coworkers need to know she’s been waiting years for a surgery date because she carries a BRCA genetic mutation. But only weeks before her surgery, the professional opportunity of a lifetime comes to her—a major studio wants Marley to style an up-and-coming Hollywood superstar, who also just happens to be an old friend. 

Nikhil Shamdasani is either on the brink of superstardom or a complete breakdown. Going from a nobody actor with multiple side hustles to a superhero in a major Hollywood action film hasn’t been smooth a transition. Now comic nerds think he’s a diversity hire while fans expect him to single handily represent the entire Indian community in western media. He doesn’t even look like himself anymore—thanks to the trainers, hairstylists, and even dentists the studio hired. So when Nikhil learns Marley Kamal, his old high school friend and prom date is now a high fashion sales associate, he asks if she can be his stylist, reigniting their friendship… and maybe becoming something more. 


ISBN-13: 9781538725474
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: July 2, 2024
Pages: 416
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