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Love in Times of Contempt

Love in Times of Contempt

by Leonor Soliz

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Even the sweetest romance can turn bitter under the spotlight.

A year after news broke of their relationship, Ana is still learning to love Hollywood's hottest star.

With the documentary that brought them together about to premiere, pressure on their relationship builds once more. She directed the film, but the press and his fans barely see her as more than Liam's accessory. Be it setting up their business together or dealing with paparazzi, she can do nothing but grind her teeth, hold Liam's hand, and hope for the best.

Focused on smiling through it all, she didn't expect to panic when Liam brought up marriage. She tried to make it something for Future Ana to figure out, she really did. If only Liam's optimistic nature and romantic heart didn't insist on knocking down her walls, she might have been successful, too.

Love in Times of Contempt is the novella follow up to Seeking Stars. It's a comfort read and slice of life romance, with dual POV and realistic open door steam, and a marriage proposal guaranteed to make you smile.


ISBN-13: 9781778287251
Publisher: Leonor Soliz
Publication Date: February 21, 2023
Series: Hollywood Love, 1.5
Pages: 184
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