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Mastering The Crown

Mastering The Crown

by George Korede

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The princess Ifè is born into a royal family that exudes honor and love. From this second virtue, she was bestowed her name, "Ifè" which means "love" in her native tongue of Yoro. Ifè is also born a warrior, and in her youth, she is trained to defend herself and groomed to eventually become the tribal queen.

Ifè is still a naïve African princess when she embarks on several burdensome trials that test her fortitude and instill the mastery required to lead the warrior Yoro tribe. Her battle skills are challenged in arduous combat while she struggles to also grasp the importance of love and family. 

Mastering the Crown defies modern romanticism and encourages self-love. Imbued with powerful themes of black resilience, black love, black beauty, and healthy affection, Ifè's harrowing journey is a vital read for all!


ISBN-13: 9781716738111
Publication Date: August 11, 2020
Pages: 66
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