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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

by Kiki Swinson

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In this, page-turning prequel to the Playing Dirty and Notorious duology, national bestselling author Kiki Swinson never lets up with her high-octane depictions of striving and scheming in the Dirty South, taking readers on a wild ride to the early days of Yoshi Lomax, when she was an ambitious law student making her way in the privileged circles of academia…

National bestselling author Kiki Swinson never lets up with relentless characters, unpredictable twists, and a merciless depiction of Southern striving, scheming—and dying. Now she takes you to the explosive beginnings of wild-card lawyer Yoshi Lomax, who discovers the easy way to success is an inescapable nightmare...

The perfect edge...
Brilliant, calculating, and reckless, Yoshi hungers to be a great lawyer, to make a difference—and to make her hard-working mother proud. But her prestigious law school is a rigged system of overwhelming work and hostile professors. On the outs with her best friend, and on the verge of flunking out, she soon finds a shortcut that could make all her dreams come true.

The perfect elite...
The school's wealthiest students live in a world where they make their own rules, are born into priceless connections, and enjoy endless entitlement. And Yoshi wastes no time infiltrating their privileged circle, learning their ways, adopting their bad habits—and getting much too close.

The perfect trap...
Until Yoshi goes one step too far—and discovers that every little lie, dirty secret, and easy betrayal has locked her into a lethal conspiracy. Now with her family, friends, and all she loves at stake, she must make a wrenching choice that could cost her more than her life...


ISBN-13: 9781496734112
Publisher: Dafina
Publication Date: November 30, 2021
Pages: 256
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