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Positive You

Positive You

A Personal Growth Journal for Women

by Shelah Marie

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A woman’s guide to positive thinking for a happier, more fulfilling life

Journey toward a more confident, healthy, and resilient you with this empowering choice in journals for women. Short exercises encourage you to focus on the positive to affect growth and change in your life. You’ll discover prompts and affirmations that help you embrace who you are, open your mind, nourish your body, fulfill your goals, nurture others, and look for the good in every day.

Find everything personal growth journals for women should have:

  • Mood boosters—Cultivate happiness through engaging journaling prompts, short exercises, positive affirmations, and more.
  • Proven strategies—Explore evidence-based exercises and self-care strategies to promote positive thinking and help you feel more present.
  • Space to be you—The generous format offers plenty of room for you to write, along with a cheerful, full-color interior to lift your spirits.


Keep a record of your journey to self-love and well-being with this standout among journals for women.


ISBN-13: 9781648766718
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: April 27, 2021
Pages: 186
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