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Real Life, Real Love

Real Life, Real Love

Life Lessons on Joy, Pain & the Magic That Holds Us Together

by DJ Envy, Gia Casey

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A USA Today national bestseller, Real Life, Real Love features advice on how to have healthy, dynamic relationships from Raashaun (DJ Envy) and Gia Casey—revealing their secrets to navigating marriage, family, and faith.

Gia and Raashaun Casey met when they were two teenagers living around the corner from each other in Queens. They have been together for an astounding 25 years and have remained together through Raashaun’s growing fame, a devastating (and very public) cheating scandal, and the births of five children. Now, a quarter of a century into their relationship, they are stronger and more committed to each other than they’ve ever been, and their fans are clamoring to know how they did it.

In Real Life, Real Love, Gia and Raashaun explore the entire chronology of their love story with remarkable vulnerability, searing honesty, and a lot of humor. It’s a riveting narrative about how to grow together, an aspirational guidebook for people who seek the same unconditional love in their relationships, and an in-depth look at how to remain equals after being thrust into the public eye.

Includes a 16-page photograph insert


ISBN-13: 9781419752797
Publisher: Abrams Image
Publication Date: April 25, 2023
Pages: 256
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