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Seeking Stars

Seeking Stars

by Leonor Soliz

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She is a plus-size latina filmmaker, trying to make her way in Hollywood. Falling for an A-Lister could ruin her career.

Ana Lira has one goal: to make it as a film director. With too much working against her- too many curves and too much melanin- she has no time for love or the glitter of Hollywood.

Until she meets Liam McMillan. He has the eyes, curls, and charisma to outshine the sun. The man is a superstar. And thanks to her skills, she's contracted to make a documentary of him. In close quarters. For a month.

Liam has it all, except for peace, privacy and people he trusts. The last thing he wants is a documentary filmmaker following him around. That is, until her luscious thighs captivate his eyes, and her conversation reaches his soul. Before he knows it, she's all he can think about.

The more Liam flirts with Ana, the more she has to push her feelings away- or risk her heart and her burgeoning career. Even if Liam convinces Ana to give their relationship a chance, despite her fears and her agent's advice, they'd have to do so with a million eyes judging their every step, hoping they'd break up. They'd only have each other to survive the onslaught.

Seeking Stars is a slow burn, multicultural romance, full of steam and plenty of spice. It features a dual POV with an A-list celebrity hero and a latina, curvy filmmaker heroine, in a Forced Proximity and Hollywood Celebrity Romance.


ISBN-13: 9781778287237
Publisher: Leonor Soliz
Publication Date: October 20, 2022
Series: Hollywood Love, #1
Pages: 368
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