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The Devil's Politics

The Devil's Politics

by Drew Benbow

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Damion and Devon are identical twins. But it's their differences that set them onto diverging life paths, resulting in their eventual estrangement.

Devon grapples with his identity. He's black, and a low-level aide to a Republican congressman. He's forced to reckon with his politics and his social consciousness when one of the congressman's past misdeeds lands them both in the center of a national scandal.

Deemed a bad apple from childhood, Damion's story collides with Devon's when a pair of hit men track Damion from his Army base in Afghanistan all the way to Devon's Washington, D.C. doorstep.

Amid this all, a love triangle involving both brothers sparks an ember of rage in a woman that grows into a homicidal blaze.

The Congressman's scandal, Damion's hit men, and the woman's scorn test the brothers' already strained relationship.

At its core, The Devil's Politics challenges systems of power, suggesting a hot-take alternative to contemporary black political participation, with the aim of strengthening black political empowerment in America.


ISBN-13: 9781955690034
Publisher: Di Angelo Publications
Publication Date: June 16, 2022
Pages: 324
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