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The Enchanted Garden Affirmation Coloring Book

The Enchanted Garden Affirmation Coloring Book

by Mercedes Osakwe

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This affirmation coloring book for children and adults who may be dealing with mental health, self-doubt, and self-esteem issues. At times, we all need a little boost to get through our day. Enjoy!

This stunning book, created for children and adults, features 49 inspirational affirmations coupled with exquisite and decorative illustrations. It's a useful tool for those who may be dealing with mental health, self-esteem issues, and self-doubt, as there are life-changing powers and positive outcomes to come from the use of creativity and affirmations. This book can also be used for those looking for a new hobby, and to improve handwriting skills and visual motor skills in children. From a spiritual point of view, coloring and focusing on affirmations that encourage your mind to pay close attention to what is meaningful to you. While coloring, we subconsciously use the right side of our brain, which transforms our desires into reality. This book could make a great gift for the holidays or birthdays and is ideal for anyone who would like to elevate their life and cultivate a positive mindset and encourage self-love.


ISBN-13: 9798890343253
Publisher: Mercisthetics
Publication Date: April 19, 2023
Pages: 54
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