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The Power of Infinite Potential

The Power of Infinite Potential

by Camille McCallum

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Life is full of swift transitions. It's in those moments of transition that purpose plays a pivotal role, begging us to ask the questions, Why? and What can I do?

With a youthful view on an ancient concept, The Power of Infinite Potential explores the intersections of purpose, potential, and fulfillment through the examples of others. It shows us that endless possibilities can exist for everyone, at all times, when we learn to maximize our purpose and minimize our fear.

This book is a welcome addition to anyone's library who is on a path of self-discovery and seeking to learn more about yourself and how you fit into the context of your own world. The transformative power of the natural universe is present and available in all of us, and it's yours for the taking. The Power of Infinite Potential helps point the way.


ISBN-13: 9781636765204
Publisher: New Degree Press 
Publication Date: December 13, 2020 
Pages: 138

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