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The Secrets of Catspraddle Village

The Secrets of Catspraddle Village

by Callie Browning

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A grisly murder without a suspect. A bizarre love triangle. A philosopher moonlighting as a garbage man who gets a gun put to his head every Tuesday morning. These are the secret lives of the residents of Catspraddle Village, a fictional district in the Caribbean island of Barbados. This collection of award-winning short stories by author Callie Browning is filled with hilarious banter, crazy escapades and thought-provoking events that tell The Secrets of Catspraddle Village.

This one-hour fiction literature short story anthology by award-winning author, Callie Browning, will give you a front-row seat to all of the drama that can happen in a tiny Bajan village.


ISBN-13: 9789768306074
Publisher: Black Coral Publishing
Publication Date: May 2, 2023
Pages: 56
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