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The Vanish Witch

The Vanish Witch

by A.J. Locke

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There are a few things that could land a witch in hot water. One is having stronger magic than most. Like a Vanish Witch who can make not only objects but people disappear. Another is being in possession of amulets that contain ghosts whose touch is death.

Kitaine Neris has both.

But she keeps the flirtatious ghost hidden, stays off the High Coven’s radar, and keeps up appearances with her local coven while secretly using her magic to Vanish the corrupt and violent from her city.

But when a hit goes horribly awry, Kit ends up Vanishing instead. She’s shocked when she ends up in a chaotic, parallel world, and realizes that everything Vanish Witches made disappear wound up there.

Including her lover, Marrik, who Kit never meant to make disappear at all.

Kit and Marrik’s reunion is passionate, but they need to get back home. However, that’s easier said than done when every bad soul Vanish Witches used their magic on are gunning for Kit, wanting their pound of flesh.

When a mysterious and powerful witch presents a way home, Kit and Marrik will do whatever it takes to fulfill the conditions that will free them before the enemy enacts a vanishing act on them that sticks.


ISBN-13: 9798393818388
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Date: May 18, 2023
Pages: 304
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