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The War in the Heavens

The War in the Heavens

Breaking the Chains of Generational Curses

by Gem Collie

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The War in The Heaven by Jamaican author Gem C. Collie examines the psychological effects of generational victimization in contemporary times. The book exposes perpetual inherited mistreatment due to the constant battle one goes through to fight for individuality against collectivism, social norms, and culture. Through vivid descriptions and powerful storytelling, the author takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and healing, encouraging them to confront their own wounded shadows. By exposing the complex emotions and behaviors passed down through generations, the book offers readers a choice: to continue perpetuating the cycle of generational curses or to break free and create a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Ultimately, this work is a powerful call to action for anyone seeking liberation from the chains of their past.


ISBN-13: 9798890343291
Publisher: Gembouks Press LLC
Publication Date: June 15, 2023
Pages: 446

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