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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Insha Allah

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Insha Allah

How The Journey Back To My Roots Became An Adventurous Escape From the Sahara

by Sara Cheikh

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The cosmopolitan daughter of Saharawi émigrés travels to visit her family in the forgotten refugee city-camps scattered in the Western Sahara desert.


At the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, what was supposed to be a long-awaited homecoming becomes a desperate adventure escaping border guards and surviving on candy bars, all the while trying to avoid losing her cool with unwanted and unlikely traveling companions. On her odyssey back home through a changing world, she faces starvation, the possibility of arrest, and kidnapping, as she attempts to cross the border into Algeria by any means possible. Alternating between tense, poignant, and funny, this heartfelt first-hand account explores life and lessons from the plight of the Saharawi people. Sara's story questions the meaning of cultural heritage and the universal desire to have a homeland.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Insha Allah is Sara’s first book and is the first memoir published in English by a Saharawi woman writer. The book includes historical and personal black & white images, color image insert, and maps of the Saharawi territory and Sara’s journey. 


ISBN-13: 9781627311397
Publisher: Feral House
Publication Date: June 20, 2023
Pages: 224
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