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by Ruby Smoke

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For years, magic users have denied the existence of beings beyond their own, but the delicate balance between light and dark is about to be shattered.

Enter Hudson Jacobs, a woman who is about to be swept up in a world of magic, danger, and destiny. Except, Hudson has no idea of the plans that have been set in motion to protect her and solidify the prophecy, or of the risks that she will face along the way.

Forced to attend a Magic University she never wanted to go to, Hudson discovers that four of her instructors are not only the hot, tempting guys shes always wanted but that one of them was the guy who took her virginity years ago. To top it all off, they also happen to be her mates.

But danger is looming, and Hudson's destiny as the Queen of the Fae is rapidly unfolding.

With everyone's expectations weighing heavily on her, Hudson knows one thing for sure: she is not a pawn in anyone's game. As she faces down the coming danger with fire in her heart and a fierce determination to protect what is hers, Hudson will learn the truth behind her powers and the origin of magic itself.

When the light and dark collide, who will maintain the balance within the Veil?

Will Hudson rise to the challenge and embrace her destiny as Queen, or will she be consumed by the very forces she seeks to control? The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance, and only Hudson, and her mates, can find the way forward.


ISBN-13: 9781916521698
Publisher: Ruby Smoke
Publication Date: March 1, 2023
Pages: 464
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