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Wifey's Next Come Up

Wifey's Next Come Up

by Kiki Swinson

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In this sizzling, high-octane new series, the national bestselling author and urban lit superstar brings back the unforgettable Kira from her gritty bestselling Wifey novels. Now, from drug king pin’s wife to streetwise widow and back again, along with all the danger and sexy action in between, Kira’s back on the come up. And the stakes, the deceptions, and the body count are rising…

With Kira’s drug kingpin fiancé and sexy protector, Dylan, behind bars thanks to her influential father, Kira’s feeling the heat of one too many bodies being dropped on the way to raking in her fortune. But she’s not done paying the price yet . . .

One of the casualties of Kira’s high-end scheming was a judge friend of her father’s. Now a homicide detective is after her—and Dylan’s most brutal rival is determined to see Kira nailed for murder. Dylan’s right-hand man may be in on the game too. Worst of all, Kira’s father plans to testify against Dylan.

Feeling cornered on all sides, Kira agrees to a nuclear option: take her father out. But the cold-blooded move she thinks will end her problems may just multiply them. And her new beginning may bring her to the vicious end of a very deadly line.


ISBN-13: 9781496743572
Publisher: Dafina
Publication Date: May 23, 2023
Pages: 176
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