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Working Through It

Working Through It

by Kasha Thompson

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Makayla Randolph decided years ago that happily ever after doesn't exist ... when hers came tumbling down. She resigned herself to focusing on her career, serving the members of the family business. But all that changes when her ex-boyfriend gets engaged. Makayla quickly realizes she's wasted too much time stuck in the past and decides to push forward and give love another try. Unfortunately for Makayla, a job promotion reveals that the past isn't finished with her yet.

Travis Holmes is a dedicated manager with a beautiful fiancée and a carefully cultivated five-year plan. But as wedding plans heat up, Travis's once toasty feet begin to grow cold. On top of that, when his hard work lands him an unexpected promotion, it's an offer he almost can't refuse. There's just one hitch-working with his ex-girlfriend.

Travis and Makayla's worlds once again collide, and the ex-lovers immediately bump heads. For Makayla, the man she'd been pretending doesn't exist is now sitting next to her in their tiny office, sipping a cold brew and flashing his Colgate smile. Travis is looking for common ground and just wants to get through the day without tripping down memory lane. It quickly becomes clear that to be successful in their new roles, they will need to stop pointing fingers and start trusting one another. This is easier said than done when each day they are confronted with what could have been.


ISBN-13: 9780578976679
Publisher: Webster Avenue Publishing
Publication Date: March 15, 2022
Pages: 286
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